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Do All Injury Cases Need an Independent Medical Assessment?

A medical assessment form takes place after an accident to determine the severity of the injuries sustained. It is conducted by a medical professional. It must be carried out if you are making a claim through the courts as it accompanies your claim and can act as medical evidence. Your solicitor may arrange for a medical professional to assess your injuries so that they may accompany your claim.

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Will I need an assessment?

If you are making a personal injury claim, then usually you will attend an independent assessment by a medical professional will be required to gather proof of injury at the time of the accident. The medical report of your examination will then accompany your claim throughout the case. The assessment is usually arranged by your solicitor.


Why do I need one?

An independent medical assessment is needed to help support you pursue your claim and to ensures that the effects of your injuries are fully recorded. The independent medical assessment will also determine the nature and extent of your injuries as a result of the accident, and if/when you will be able to return to work. The independent assessment also helps determine what compensation you are entitled to. The solicitor can then move forward with your claim once you have proof of the injuries sustained due to the accident.


What will happen during the medical assessment/appointment?

Once arranged a medical professional will examine your injuries to see how serious they are, and how they may impact the quality of your everyday life. The steps during the examination usually involve:

  • Gathering records from your general practitioner to review any treatment received due to the injury
  • These records will also allow the medical examiner to analyse any pre-existing conditions that may have influenced your injury.
  • The examiner may ask you to explain the events of how you sustained your injury
  • You may be asked how these injuries have affected both your work and personal life
  • Your injuries will be assessed and compared to the claim you have made
  • A review of your medical history. In that regard, it is important to inform the examiner of all relevant medical history which may have a bearing on your recent injuries

What happens next?

The medical professional – once completing your medical assessment – will send the report back to your solicitor for their perusal. Your solicitor will then review the report with you for accuracy and completeness. Once reviewed the report can be used in the advancement of your case.