Client Relationship Policy

Client & Third Parties Engagement with our Firm

The Firm’s work is underpinned by a number of values. These are used in our day-to-day work and this policy has been designed with these in mind:

  • TRUST – Working confidentially, impartially and respectfully with client’s and others to develop and sustain an open and honest relationship;
  • HONESTY – Working with client’s on the basis that are at all times Clients are truthful and honest in the dealing with our offices and others involved in their legal affairs;
  • CO-OPERATION – Clients’ are expected to provide their full co-operation with the Firm in the firm’s work on the clients behalf
  • UNDERSTANDING – Listening to and noting client’s concerns;
  • RESPONSIVE – Continually developing our people and raising service standards through growth and innovation;
  • ACCOUNTABLE – Applying the highest level of corporate governance and professional standards to all that we do; and
  • INDEPENDENCE – Upholding our duties as officers of the Court and in the pursuit of our clients’ best interests.

The Firm understands that individuals may act out of character in times of difficulty or distress. The Firm does not therefore view actions or behaviour as unacceptable simply because an individual is assertive or determined. However, the actions or behaviour of individuals who are angry, demanding or persistent may result in unreasonable demands on the Firm or unacceptable behaviour towards the firm’s staff.

What is deemed to be unacceptable behaviour will often differ depending upon the individual(s) involved and their particular circumstances. Unacceptable behaviour may include, but is not limited to:

  • Any act of written or verbal abuse, including those of a discriminatory nature;
  • Serious or persistent harassment;
  • Swearing or the use of foul language;
  • Rudeness including derogatory remarks;
  • Inappropriate cultural, racial or religious references;
  • The possession or display of items that may be perceived as threatening, or have potential to cause physical harm or cause psychological distress;
  • Intimidation;
  • Threatening behaviour;
  • Demeaning or defaming the Firm or its staff to third parties;
  • Behaviour that reasonably causes staff to feel upset, threatened, frightened, or physically at risk;
  • An actual or attempted physical assault;
  • Directing dissatisfaction with the organisation at an individual employee;
  • Deliberate damage to property;
  • Engaging the media to record interactions with firm’s staff and the firm without prior agreement.

In the event of unacceptable behaviour occurring the Firm reserved the right to take such action as it deems appropriate pursuant to its Unacceptable Behaviour Policy. This may include

  • Restriction of the channels of communication with the firm’s office
  • Restriction of the mode of communication with the Firm’s office
  • Restriction on access to the firm’s office
  • Suspension of action on work pending investigation
  • Termination of Solicitor Client relationship

The Firm in setting out this policy is mindful that events of this are infrequent and that this policy is designed to ensure both the health and safety of its employees and a positive working relationship with the Firm’s clients in the handling of their legal affairs