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Abuse Law

Victims of abuse including sexual assault, institutional abuse, clerical abuse, sexual abuse or harassment in the workplace are protected both by the criminal law and the civil law. Victims have the right to pursue legal action through the courts.

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Assessing your Situation

Victims of sexual assault like other injured persons may bring personal injury cases through the courts for the injuries and loss they have suffered. It is normal in the preparation of a case to obtain detailed medical reports from Doctors and Psychiatrists. Therefore, they can provide professional opinions on the effects of injuries the victim has suffered. Furthermore, it is important to note that these cases require time to obtain evidence, medical experts and witnesses.

Case Settlement in Irish Courts

Compensation is awarded by the Irish Courts under the following headings:

  • Injuries you have received,
  • Your medical costs,
  • Any loss of earnings which you may have occurred.
  • Other costs.

Important Time Frames

Whilst events of this nature may have occurred many years ago this does not prevent the commencement of court proceedings. Extension to the normal time frames can be allowed for several reasons. Furthermore, detailed advice should be taken in this regard and delay should be avoided if any form of legal action is being considered.

Official Enquiries

In recent years the topics of institutional and clerical abuse are rarely out of the media. The disclosures of recent years have led to a number of inquiries as to the cause and handling of these events.