Case Study

Fall Outside Hotel

Case Type: Accident in a Public Place
Injury: Ankle, Knee and Hand Injury*
Settled by: Elaine Hickey
Settled on: 3rd November, 2019
Fall Outside Hotel

Case Summary


Teresa was walking outside a hotel and she was in the company of the security guard when she fell over on the uneven ground. She fell directly onto her knee and outstretched hand. Teresa felt immediate discomfort and subsequently injured her ankle, knee and her hands. After the accident, she reported the matter to the general manager of the hotel. Teresa felt the joints in her right ankle sustained the worst injury as a result of the accident. Since the event, Teresa has been hindered from doing simple tasks such as walking her dog. She also used to partake in cycling and swimming but can no longer take part in these activities three years on from the time of the accident.

Case Progression

Proceedings were issued on the 24/02/19 after the Personal Injuries Board gave authorisation to take legal action.

Case Settlement

The case was settled on the 03/11/2019. The ground outside the hotel was uneven and caused Teresa to fall and injure herself therefore the defendant was at fault.

Note: Client name changed for GDPR reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the legal time limits?

    The statute of limitations are the legal time limits on how long you have to make a claim vary depending on the situation. The general rule for all personal injury cases is that the person has two years from the date of the accident or date of knowledge of the accident to make a claim for compensation. Contacting a solicitor to discuss your case will help you in determining how long you have left to make a claim.

  2. How is compensation calculated?

    A compensation amount is calculated by taking into account the following aspects:

    • Loss of wages, if absent from work due to injury
    • Future loss of earnings, if absent from work for a long period of time
    • Medical expenses resulting from the injury
    • Future medical expenses resulting from the injury
    • Out of pocket expenses

    In order to calculate compensation for you, the Injuries Board will refer to the Book of Quantum. The Book of Quantum shows value ranges of compensation amounts that have been awarded to people for injuries to specific parts of their bodies. Each of the average compensation amounts found in the book is taken from real personal injury cases (over 51,000 in total) from the years 2014-2015.

  3. How do I start the claims process?

    The first step in making a claim, after you have spoken with a solicitor, is to submit an application to the Injuries Board for an assessment of your claim. You will be required to complete an Injuries Board Form (Form A) in order to start the claims process. Your solicitor can gather the relevant documents needed (medical reports, Gardaí reports etc.,) and do this on your behalf.

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