• Other Services

      Other Services

    • Substandard Housing

      Substandard Housing

      If you are housed in social housing from your local council the housing must meet certain minimum standards. In recent years there have been many instances where local authority ho...

    • Employment Law

      Employment Law

      If you are having an issue within the workplace with your employer or a colleague we at Tracey Solicitors have a team of specialised Employment Law Solicitors that can advise you, ...

    • Defamation

      Defamation Services

      You are entitled to protect your name and reputation from unjust attack if untrue or unjustified statements are made against you. A defamatory statement can be in writing or spo...

    • Driving Offences

      Driving Offences

      Contesting Driving Offences and the Road Traffic Act 2010 Legal advice on Road Traffic Law in Ireland and legal representation & advice on Contesting Driving Offences...

    • Multilingual Legal Services

      Multilingual Legal Services

      As a truly multicultural city, Dublin is now home to over 180 different nationalities. In response to this, Tracey Solicitors were among the first legal practices in the country to...

    • Property

      Property Services

      Have you decided to leap on to the property ladder? Trading up to your dream home? or releasing some of the equity in your property?...


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