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Parental Consent for Passport Application forms for Children

Parental Consent for Passport Application forms for Children At this time of year, we frequently get calls from clients who are applying for their child’s passport. A problem arises where the ex-partner or spouse refuses to sign the parental consent on the appli

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Capacity Matters – The Current Law On Diminished Capacity

The question of capacity has been highlighted in recent years due to Ireland’s ageing population and an increase in conditions affecting capacity, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Making a Case To Be Heard…

Debt collection can be a complex issue especially when large amounts are involved. Most people assume that cases that go to court involve people giving evidence under oath. In debt collection cases some different procedures apply and a case can be heard based on written submissions alone!

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Prawnicy Windykacyjni | Windykacja Irlandia

Poland and Ireland – A Long Term Relationship

Usługi prawne dla polskiej społeczności w Irlandii

When it comes to Polish – Irish relations many of us would be forgiven for believing that this is relatively recent development.

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Claiming flight compensation for injuries sustained while on an airline

Ever wondered what all that fine print on airline websites or tickets is about? The Montreal Convention 1999 features in all airline T&C’s in fact!

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Going to the cinema – Terms and Conditions apply

Going to the Cinema -Terms and Conditions apply! We all love a good movie! More and more of us buy our tickets online. We recently had a look at some of the terms and conditions that may govern your night out at the movies. You migh

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Buckle up the Kids and avoid Penalty Points

Buckle up the kids and avoid the penalty points; Make sure Children are in the appropriate car seat or booster seat; if you fail to do so you may receive up to 5 penalty points and a court fine of €800.

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Road Safety - baby in car seat with teddy

Defamation – Email senders beware!

Defamation- Defamation solicitors

Defamation –E mail sender s beware! To many times the internet has been seen as a place where free speech rule and responsibility for comments, even defamatory comments can be made without consequences.

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Five Things you might not know about Dublin Bikes

Five things you might not know about Dublin bikes Dublin Bikes is a popular bike sharing scheme that gets people from A to B in the city -Bikes can only be used between the hours of 5.00 am and 12.30am, bad news for vampires!! -The bikes are designed to take

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Road Safety - Dublin Bikes

Global Guide to Healthcare Tourism

babyin car seat with teddy

Healthcare tourism is ever expanding. Our team of personal injury solicitors have put together a helpful guide for you to enjoy.

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