How to Prevent the Government from taking your money

 Bank Accounts - Dormant Accounts  When can the Government take money from your bank account? If you hold a bank account in which there have been no transactions completed for a period of 15 years o

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Neighbours Noisy Dog – Dog Control Act

dog barking

Dog Control Act The neighbours’ noisy dog is a common day-to-day problem in neighbourhood life. Dogs bark for many reasons, the most common being frustration, boredom, attention-seeking and fear. Excessive dog barking that disrupts people and cau

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How to prevent the Government from taking your money

Dormant Accounts When can the Government take money from your bank account? If you hold a bank account in which there have been no transactions completed for a period of 15 years or longer, the account is labeled ‘dorma

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EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and you!

eu general data protection regulation

You may have heard whispers of a change to the Irish Data Protection Acts recently in the Irish Media, but switched off before you could figure out what it is all about, we have taken out the legal jargon and simplified the key points for you.

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What is an Affidavit?

An affidavit is a legal document that sets out the facts of your case and tells the court that the information contained in the affidavit is 100% true and factual. A simple way to understand an affidavit is to think of it as the written version of a sworn testimony in court. In a courtroom, a witness would take the stand, place their hand on a bible and swear to tell the truth, with an affidavit you are doing this in writing. In both scenarios you are under oath, it just so happens that with an affidavit you are under oath on paper!

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Data Access Request for CCTV Footage

data access request solicitors cctv footage

Data Access Request for CCTV Footage In the variety of cases we deal with from road traffic accidents, accidents at work, assaults, defamation and public liability, as a matter of primary investigation seek where possible CCTV footage of an incident. The sources

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10 Things You Should Know About Irish Bike Law

Cycling in Ireland has become increasingly popular over the last number of years with an explosion in the number of people who have chosen to commute to work by bike instead of driving or using public transport. This is in part due to the successful bike to work scheme which allows tax relief for the purchase of a bike for the purposes of commuting to work

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Insurance Companies and The Injuries Board – Yet Another Review?

insurance companies and injuries board assessment

The Injuries Board has been around for over a decade now and thousands of injury cases have passed through its handling, some settling others proceeding to Court some of the main accident types that Injuries Board has assessed are accidents at work, road traffic accidents and accidents in public places.

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Divorce in Ireland

Deciding to divorce is not an easy decision to come to, before coming to this conclusion the couple will have thought about it again and again and talked through it over and over again together before making the call to a family law solicitor to talk through their options. Once a client comes to the office to discuss the options on a family law separation, more often than not their mind is made up, the marriage is over and it has taken the client a lot of courage to come to that very difficult decision and contact a Solicitor.

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The Who’s Who Guide to the Courtroom

who's who guide to courtroom

The Who's Who Guide to the Courtroom When you bring a personal injury claim * against someone who has caused you injury and loss, people often think of they will end up in court. In reality, the majority of personal injuries cases will settle prior to having the ca

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