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    Tracey Solicitors provide clear and independent advice and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

    We use our knowledge and experience to give you the voice you need. We offer personal attention, we use plain language and we provide practical and impartial advice through every stage of the process.

    We have also taken steps to ensure that all business can be transacted by telephone, email, or post in order to reduce any inconvenience.

    • Personal Injury Solicitors *

      Personal Injury Solicitors *

      Personal Injury Solicitors, Personal Injury Claims* in Ireland Tracey Solicitors are available to provide you with expert advice and legal services in relation to Persona...

    • Family Law

      Family Law

      Legal Advice on Family Law in Ireland and Representation in relation to Separation & Divorce and Custody Disputes. There are many complicated issues to be discussed, negotiated and...

    • Driving Offences

      Driving Offences

      Contesting Driving Offences and the Road Traffic Act 2010 Legal advice on Road Traffic Law in Ireland and legal representation & advice on Contesting Driving Offences...

    • Commercial/Debt Recovery

      Commercial/Debt Recovery

      In practice for over 30 years, Tracey Solicitors are based at 34 Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2. ...

    • Probate


      As specialist Solicitors in Probate we are happy to assist or advise you in any aspect of your relatives/friends estate or will....

    • Substandard Housing

      Substandard Housing

      If you are housed in social housing from your local council the housing must meet certain minimum standards. In recent years there have been many instances where local authority ho...

    • Employment Law

      Employment Law

      If you are having an issue within the workplace with your employer or a colleague we at Tracey Solicitors have a team of specialised Employment Law Solicitors that can advise you, ...

    • Defamation

      Defamation Services

      Defamation A person’s reputation is a very important factor, for many different reasons and every person has the right to his or her good name - this right is protected...

    • Medical/Clinical Negligence*

      Medical/Clinical Negligence*

      The Law for medical negligence* in Ireland is complicated and is governed by the test set out in the Supreme Court case of Dunne V The National Maternity Hospital (1989). This...

    • Wills


      As specialist Probate Solicitors we are happy to assist or advise you in any aspect of your relatives/friends estate or will. If you need more information you can contact us....

    • Multilingual Legal Services

      Multilingual Legal Services

      As a truly multicultural city, Dublin is now home to over 180 different nationalities. In response to this, Tracey Solicitors were among the first legal practices in the country to...


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