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Personal Injury Testimonials

E.G. Dublin

Personal Injury 10/6/2018

I am very happy and satisfied with the services and advice provided by Tracey Solicitors. Special thanks to Emilia for keeping me in the loop and answering all my questions, Paul Tracey and Michael Byrne for negotiations today. I would highly recommend them.

A.P. Dublin

Personal Injury 2/6/18

Would highly recommend Tracey Solicitors. It’s a first class company in all aspects. From start to finish I received an excellent professional service. Always answered all my questions and eased my worries. I felt protected and safe in the Court. Special thanks to Polish consultants: Alicja, Emilia and Sylwia for their patience and thoughtfulness.

M.K. Westmeath

Personal Injury 26/11/18

I highly recommend Tracey Solicitors as your representative. Great service, extremely professional, friendly and reliable. Staff team who represented me: Elaine and Sylvia were always available, willing to help and explain all the aspects of the case. Fantastic, approachable, very experienced, best knowledge, support and good people attitude. Huge thanks for all those involved.

H.C. Dublin

Personal Injury 13/5/2019

All deadlines with Elaine Hickey and her team were very professional. Any concerns that I may have had were taken on board and dealt with in a very efficient way. I was always confident that my case was being looked after and I would recommend Elaine and Tracey Solicitors.

A.A. Dublin

Personal Injury 12/12/2014

Professional at all times, good at keeping me informed of every detail about the case. Always answered all my questions and eased my worries. Would highly recommend Paul Tracey. Thank you Caoimhe for all your work

B.R . Dublin

Personal Injury 25/01/15

I would like to thank you for your nice and professional cooperation. I am very happy and grateful for all your efforts to win my case. Special thanks to your Polish consultants: Alicja and Agniesika for their patient, nice and thoughtful services. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends in Ireland.

A.M. Dublin

Personal Injury - 03rd November2015

I would describe your service as very efficient and good all round

A.K-K, Co. Galway

Personal Injury - 06th August 2013

Very professional services, my solicitor was always giving me extensive/detailed information in a very nice, polite and patient way.

J.J.M, Clondalkin

J.J.M, Clondalkin, 3rd July 2013

Over the years I have found your services completely professional, empathetic, reasonable and one that consistently inspires confidence.

S.B. & H.B. Dublin 9

S.B. & H.B. Dublin 9 3rd July 2013

I have dealings with Paul for over the past 35 years in both private and a business capacity. I have always found him courteous, professional and businesslike. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone who needs legal advice and assistance.