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Galentine’s = Ladies, celebrating Ladies!

As it’s origin only began around 10 years ago, Galentine’s might not be an official holiday in your diary, but that doesn’t mean to say it’s not worth celebrating! Sure there’s a lot of “fake” holidays out there, National Burger Day, Cyber Monday, but Galentine’s is one worth celebrating, here’s why:

Galentine’s Is All About Showing Your Gal Pal’s Some Love!

With busy schedules, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get together with your girlfriends! Having this day locks a date in the diary for some girlie catchups and female appreciation!

It Falls on February 13th

This means you still have February 14th to spend for that special someone, friend, pet or some self-love!

It Can Be Celebrated in Whichever Way You Wish

Galentine’s doesn’t have to be a romantic dinner for two, it could be a group brunch, mani-pedi trip or a few glasses of fizz in the pub!

Your Bestie’s are the Bestie Gift Buyers

Gifts are mandatory for Galentine’s, but it’s nice to spoil your girls every once in a while! Why not buy them those earrings you know they’ve had their eye on the past month or their favourite bottle of gin!

It’s Not Just for Us Ladies!

Why not turn it into an annual friendship appreciation event and get everyone out for a night out to celebrate each other!?


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