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Five things you might not know about Dublin bikes

Dublin Bikes is a popular bike sharing scheme that gets people from A to B in the city

-Bikes can only be used between the hours of 5.00 am and 12.30am, bad news for vampires!!

-The bikes are designed to take a load of 120Kg and a basket can take a load of up to 8KG, so if the Irish rugby pack wants bikes they will just about make it as the average weight of the pack at 890Kg Enough room for their sandwiches in the baskets!!

-You must be aged 14 or over to use the bikes, there is no upper age limit you will be glad to hear!!

– You only have 60 seconds in which to press the button on the chosen bike stand and another 5 seconds to take the bike, so less jibber jabber or looking at your phone as you could miss your bike!!

-You are not insured under the Dublin Bikes scheme, check out your household insurance to see if it covers you, or look at the insurance available from cycling Ireland, it’s important if you injure someone or cause damage whilst using a bike.

Enjoy your cycling, stay safe and for further reading, check out these cycling tips.

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