Driver Fatigue.

We’ve all heard the ad’s on radio & TV of the risk of accidents caused by driving whilst tired!

It’s now recognised as a serious issue in the cause of road traffic accidents.

So much so that alarm alerts have been designed to warn drivers if they are ‘drifting’ out of their lane of traffic!

Even google has designed and tested the ‘crash proof’ car!

Whilst google cars are unlikely to suffer from fatigue other than ‘metal fatigue’ we all need to keep an eye on how tired we are whenever we drive.

Statistics on road deaths, injuries, and crashes continue to rise despite improved motorways and public awareness campaigns.

If you are suffering from sleep deprivation you are more at risk of nodding off at the wheel increases the risk of car crashes.

An estimated 1 in 5 driver deaths are a result of driver fatigue and tiredness related road traffic accidents, collisions are 3 times more likely to be fatal or result in serious personal injury*.

In an effort to reduce the incidents of car accidents and consequential personal injuries, the RSA has just launched a new campaign with the main message being recognising the signs when you are too tired to drive.

Their keywords are Stop, Sip, Sleep – Stop the car in a safe place, Sip a caffeine drink and sleep for 15-20 minutes. This will give you another hour of driving!

5 Tips for Tired Drivers on how to stay safe and avoid an accident!

    • Plan your journey to include a break every two hours
    • Don’t start a long trip if you are already tired
    • Avoid long trips during hours where you are likely to feel sleepy anyway – midnight to 6 am
    • If you start to feel sleepy, find a safe place to stop, have a coffee and rest for 10-15 minutes
    • Get some fresh air and stretch your legs for a few minutes

While a caffeine drink or nap is good as a short term solution, the only real cure for sleepiness is proper sleep!!

Safe driving!

Paul Tracey

Tracey Solicitors

Personal Injury Solicitors, Dublin.