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Going to Court – Not What You Expect

The thought of going to court can be daunting for most of us. One of the first things that springs to most minds is Judge Judy and her intimidating demeanour, never mind the lawyers from ‘Suits’ and Ally McBeal!

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What can I do if my car is damaged in a road traffic accident but I suffer no personal injury?

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Where the car accident is caused by another individual then their insurance company will be responsible for the damage to your car which is known as “material damage”. If you bring your damaged car to your garage, they can provide you with an estimate of the cost of r

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Road Traffic Accident Advice

Struck by a phantom driver – one who does not stop and flees the scene of an accident!

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Claiming flight compensation for injuries sustained while on an airline

Ever wondered what all that fine print on airline websites or tickets is about? The Montreal Convention 1999 features in all airline T&C’s in fact!

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Defamation – Email senders beware!

Defamation –E mail sender s beware! To many times the internet has been seen as a place where free speech rule and responsibility for comments, even defamatory comments can be made without consequences.

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Defamation- Defamation solicitors