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Cyber Bullying Laws Ireland 2017

Newly proposed laws to tackle online abuse issues such as cyber bullying, cyber stalking, revenge porn and other types of related online harassment are set to be introduced in Ireland in 2017. The new internet abuse laws have been commonly referred to as legislation to prevent ‘revenge porn’. Until this year loop holes in Irish Legislation have allowed for the publication and sharing of explicit images – referred to as ‘revenge porn’ – to go unpunished.

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cyber bullying laws ireland

Costs of Selling a House Explained


So you have made the decision to sell your property – this is probably not one that you have taken lightly. There are many considerations to take into account and not least of all the costs associated with selling a house.

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Reporting Wrongdoing In The Worklace

Reporting a wrongdoing in the workplace can be an intimidating thing. Numerous worries come to mind, the most common of which being, how will this affect my job? The term used for a person who reports a wrongdoing in the workplace is “whistleblowing” and the person who reported the wrongdoing is sometimes referred to as the “whistleblower”. Whistleblowing is sometimes necessary and until 2014 (Protected Disclosures Act 2014) there was no comprehensive legislation to protect those who feel the need to report a wrongdoing in the workplace.

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With the new baby on the horizon, the last thing you need is added stress of worrying and wondering about what your maternity benefits are and how you can return back to work. Here we have answered the top 5 most frequently asked maternity leave questions to help put your mind at ease!

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Costs associated with buying a house

If you have recently gone “Sale Agreed” on the property of your dreams, then congratulations are in order. It is a very exciting time but the unfamiliar legal conveyancing process can often causes major headaches; not so mention interfering with the serious decision-making over the right shade grout for the kitchen floor tiles!

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Get the point, not the points!

We all like to think we are great drivers, while in reality there is plenty to brush up on. The dreaded fear is receiving a fixed penalty notice in the post.What if all these notices added up to the maximum twelve penalty points?

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Going to Court – Not What You Expect

The thought of going to court can be daunting for most of us. One of the first things that springs to most minds is Judge Judy and her intimidating demeanour, never mind the lawyers from ‘Suits’ and Ally McBeal!

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Dublin Four Courts

Builders Problems

constructions works, buildings defects

There has been a surge in building works in the last 12 months. It is important to be aware of your rights if the works are defective. You could be entitled to compensation for defective premises for latent defects and defective property.

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Remortgage: The re-emergence of the remortgage market

Since the devastating recession hit the mortgage market there has been very little opportunity for mortgage holders to change mortgage-providers.

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Useful Tips to Use When Booking Holidays 

Now that the sun has been spotted again in Ireland many of us all start to think about summer holidays.

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