How Safe Is Your Office?

How Safe Is Your Office? As a personal injury solicitor *, accident at work * is a common type of accident my clients face. While the cause of the accident, circumstances and  injuries sustained may differ from case to case, some of the common factors I come acros

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how safe is your office

Legal Time Limits

Legal Time limits

Time Is Ticking! From the minute an accident happens the legal clock begins to start. It is important to be made aware of the legal time limits in place especially if you are involved in an accident due to the negligence of a third party. As only within a specif

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Avoiding Manual Handling Injuries in Work

Lifting the Burden - Avoiding Manual Handling Injuries in Work From warehouses to building sites, offices to restaurants; More often than not we all find ourselves lifting something heavy in our workplaces. Jobs which require physical labour are demanding and can i

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Avoiding manual handling injuries at work

How to Act in your Best Interest after an Accident At Work (AAW)

how to act in your best interest after an accident at work

How to Act in your Best Interest after an Accident At Work (AAW) Accidents in the work place are a common cause of personal injury * here in Ireland. Personal injury * relating to workplace accidents * can take many different forms and are a direct result of neglig

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Solicitor’s Legal Fees

Clearing the Confusion: Solicitor's Legal Fees One of the most common questions I get from my clients, if not THE most common question is – what are your fees? Another being: how are your fees calculated? I have found that solicitors fees are a huge source of

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Car Accident Claims For Neck And Upper Back Injuries *

to claim for upper back and neck

7 Out Of 10 Car Accident Claims Are For Neck And Upper Back Injuries * In the month of December 2018, the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) published its whiplash injury stats and revealed that 70.8% of all injury claims relating to car accidents * were for

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Impress Your Friends with a Cocktail Recipe

Impress Your Friends - Sandpiper Cocktail- by Pauline O’Connor Our very own Pauline shares her delicious Sandpiper Cocktail recipe! Enjoy!    Ingredients Twist of

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Case Settlement : Accident at Work


We are proud of the results we achieve for our clients, read about some recent cases. Settled by: Elaine Hickey   Injury: Trauma to tendons on right hand   Incident: Ra

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Flavours Of The Month

Part 3: Flavours Of The Month Each newsletter, one Tracey staffer takes the microphone to share their personal picks of all things culture. This time, Monika Stupienko, Legal Executive to Caoimhe McConnell, ch

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flavours of the month

A blooming fantastic February newsletter to put a little spring in your step

Spring Newsletter

A Blooming Fantastic February Newsletter to put a Little Spring in your Step Dear Internet,   How are you? We hope you’re well, even though we were kicking the WiFi router earlier on when Facebook wouldn’t load.   Anyways, remember

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