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Personal Injury Claim Time Limit *

After involvement in an accident, it is important to remember that there is a certain time frame in place within which you can bring a claim for compensation.

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Personal Injury 2 Year Legal Time Limit Statute of Limitations

How Are Personal Injury Claims Calculated?

personal injury claim calculator

Calculating your Personal Injury Claim* Making a claim for an accident can be a daunting idea especially at a time when you may be suffering physically. You may be in a situation where you are unable to return to work and not earning as a result. It is understandab

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Psychological Injury Claims*

A person is entitled to make a personal injury claim* regardless of whether they have actually suffered a physical injury or not, this is what we call a psychological injury claim*

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psychological injury claims advice

Workplace Injury | Employer Responsibility

Accident at work injury solicitors

Accidents at work that result in personal injury* can be completely avoidable inconveniences, in most cases. There are obligations on every employer in Ireland (Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005), whether they are a large construction company or small newsagents, to ensure that an employee’s health and welfare at work is as far as possible, reasonably protected in order to avoid a workplace accident and personal injury*.

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Out of Pocket Expenses in Personal Injury* Cases

In personal injury* claims the term “special damages” often arises. What is really means is the out of pocket expenses your accident causes. In your personal injury claim you will claim damages for the pain and suffering caused by the accident and resulting injury.

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Going to Court – Not What You Expect

Dublin Four Courts

The thought of going to court can be daunting for most of us. One of the first things that springs to most minds is Judge Judy and her intimidating demeanour, never mind the lawyers from ‘Suits’ and Ally McBeal!

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Accidents at Work – Employee Worries

If you have suffered personal injury* at work you will no doubt feel like the majority of our clients in similar circumstances… worried.

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