Compensation Claim for Manual Handling Injury At Work

Manual handling injury claims are a common workplace injury claim that our clients have suffered in the past. It is no surprise that back, neck and shoulder injuries as a result of heavy lifting are common in personal injuries claims, but what some people don’t know that these injuries can be sustains by pushing and pulling heavy objects without adequate training.

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manual handling injury compensation claim

Why do I need a Personal Injury Solicitor * ?

Personal Injury Solicitor Dublin meeting a client about a personal injury claim for compensation

If you have suffered a personal injury * as a result of an accident that was not your fault, it is important that you contact a personal injury * solicitor when making a personal injury claim *. Personal injury * law can be confusing for those who have no experience with it, meaning that making a personal injury * claim without a solicitor means that you are very likely to come across some obstacles along the way, making the claims process a lot more stressful that it needs to be.

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Settling A Personal Injury * Before It Reaches Court

It is not uncommon for a case to be settled and compensation agreed outside of court. Generally before that happens, the first step in making a claim for compensation is to apply to the Injuries Board.

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settling a personal injury claim outside of court

Bullying In The Workplace and Stress Related Injuries

Bullying in the Workplace and Stress Related Injuries. Bullying in the workplace is a common query that we receive at Tracey Solicitors. The most common questions are related to what is an employee to do if they are been harassed or bullied at wor

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Fatal Accident Claims * Compensation Explained

Fatal Accident Claims * Compensation Explained The loss of a loved one due to a fatal accident is difficult to put into words. In this event, although the loss cannot be compensated for, the financial burden that their dependants bear thereafter can be alleviated t

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